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Best under-cabinet lighting installation-Nairobi

For a cleaner and more seamless look, consider hiring a professional to install hardwired light fixtures in your kitchen. This will also help hide all the wires and lower the risk of any short circuits and prevent other electrical hazards.

On a side note, if you want to install recessed lighting in your kitchen, you may have to hire both an electrician and a carpenter to modify your cabinets.  

under-cabinet lighting installation in Kenya


Under-cabinet lighting is a wonderful purchase for any kitchen or countertop since it illuminates the space beneath it that may be gloomy due to the cabinets above it. Working on counters or using the area below may be difficult without the lighting. Aside from simply brightening the space, they help boost the resale value of your property while also making it more aesthetically pleasing and giving your kitchen a more modern feel.

factors you’d need to consider before you can get your under cabinets installed. Here’s a list of the boxes you’d need to check.

Under Cabinet Lighting Styles : There are various types of under cabinet lights. They function differently in various housing structures. Choosing the right under cabinet lighting for your home will help you save time and money. We have battery-powered, plugged-in, and hard-wired under cabinet illumination. The battery-powered under cabinet lighting might come in the form of strips or pick lights.

These lights have the advantage of being able to be mounted anywhere and, because they are battery-powered, they will work during power outages as long as the batteries are changed. Calling an electrical professional to install hard-wired lighting is a better alternative for you and your home because the lights will need to be connected to an existing circuit inside the walls. The plugin does not require batteries or to be linked to the wall circuits. You can power it by plugging it into any existing kitchen socket. Make sure to choose lightbulbs that are right for you.

Brightness : The brightness of most LED light strips is expressed in lumens per liner foot. There are numerous recommendations available, but the general agreement appears to be that the ideal lighting brightness is determined by how you intend to utilize the light.

If you intend to utilize the light as the only overhead lighting in the room, you should use very bright LEDs that offer 500 to 1,000 lumens per foot of light.

If you plan to utilize the under cabinet lighting as task or accent lighting, look for lights with 200 to 500 lumens per foot.

100 to 200 lumens per foot is a suitable choice for extremely modest accent lighting.

Sizing and Placement : You don’t want lights that are too large to be hidden behind your cabinet. Take your measurements carefully to ensure that your fixture is as unobtrusive as possible. Choose a fixture that matches the length and color of your cabinets to make it blend in more.

Energy efficiency and Heat Output : Under-cabinet lighting, like all other types of lighting, generates heat. In terms of energy efficiency and heat production, different types of lighting work in different ways. LED lighting is the most energy-efficient and heat-producing choice. It uses as little energy as possible while still creating plenty of light. LED lights also have a low heat output, so your kitchen will not become much hotter and will remain cool to the touch.

Want a customized design that implements the perfect task lighting for your kitchen? Then you’ve come to the right place!
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Gabriel Oluoch
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Jones Bageni
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Kimani James
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