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Solar water pumps supply and installation in Nairobi Kenya

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Solar water pumps are becoming more common in the country, particularly among small-scale farmers. A solar water pump is a type of water pump that runs on the energy of the sun. These pumps are a new development that several major manufacturers are implementing to fulfill the needs of their customers.

Given how high energy bills have risen over the years, it’s not surprising that homeowners are looking for better and more efficient appliances these days. Naturally, many homeowners are concerned about the environmental impact of their appliances. Whatever your motivation, it is difficult to top the efficiency and environmental friendliness of solar water heaters in Nairobi. We have lots of sunshine here all year; don’t you think it’s time to put all of that free, renewable energy to work in your Nairobi home? If you believe that heating water using solar energy is a smart option for your home, please contact MOFFAM ELECTRICALS right away.

Solar panels supply and installation in Nairobi Kenya

Types Of Solar water Pumps

Submersible Solar Water Pump


The submersible solar water pump is suitable for high water bodies with a depth higher than 10 meters normally. These pumps are installed inside the water and have a costly installation because you will require a borewell to install them. Moreover, submersible pumps have costly maintenance since they are installed deep inside the water.

Surface Solar Powered Water Pumps

Surface pump- difful solar pump

The surface pumps are suitable for low water bodies with a depth lower than 10 meters. In contrast to submersible solar water pumps, these pumps are installed at the surface. It means that it will have less installation and maintenance costs compared to the submersible pumps.

What are the Benefits of Using a Solar Water Heater in Kenya

  • They are ideal for remote areas –A solar water pump is an excellent investment for people who live in isolated places without easy access to fuel. They are dependable because they will continue to operate as long as the sun shines, which is constantly.
  • Low to zero maintenance –Solar water pumps require little to no maintenance because they use renewable energy. There are no filters to change, oil levels to monitor, or tanks to clean. As a result, solar water pumps are suitable for usage by people from various walks of life and with varying levels of education.
  • They are most productive at the times of need –When it is sunny, solar water pumps perform admirably. This is also the time of year when most animals require water and people require extra water. For irrigation, the pump will fill the tank when it is sunny so that the water can be used as needed or can feed directly as needed.
  • Zero running costs –Solar water pumps, in contrast to diesel-powered water pumps, do not require any fuel to operate. You only need to orient the solar panels so that they collect the most sunshine, and your water pump will work well. This means that after you purchase a solar water pump, you will not suffer any operating expenditures. This is a huge benefit for small-scale farmers and other small businesses since it implies higher revenues at the end of the day.
  • Easy to transport and relocate – Solar pumps are often modest in size, making it simple to transfer the pump as necessary.
  • Save the environment –Solar water pumps are environmentally friendly since they do not require the usage of fossil fuels to operate. They do not add up to the daily rising carbon footprint that people all around the world are working hard to lessen.
  •  No More Power Cuts– Living without water isn’t possible, but what if you no longer get grid energy. Be it for any reason; it isn’t an option to live weeks without water. Well, worry no more. The solar powered water pump runs on sun energy. As long as there is sun, you won’t run out of water. Yes, not even on cloudy days if you have a battery backup or generator or city power.

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