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Parking Access Control and Security Systems Installers in Nairobi Kenya

Find the right parking lot entry and exit access control system in Nairobi Kenya. Learn how mobile access control can enhance your parking garage or lot security.

Biometric Access Control Systems Installers in Nairobi Kenya

Do I need gate access control and security systems for my parking lots and garages? The short answer: yes. All parking lots should have some type of access control and parking management to ensure safety and security. With so many different types of parking lot entry and exit control systems available to businesses, it can be hard to determine which type of access gates are the best fit for your specific needs. This guide will cover the best practices for parking lot gate control systems, and break down the newest vehicle access control technology to help you make an informed decision about your parking lot security.

Parking Access Control and Security Systems Installers in Nairobi Kenya

Key takeaways of this parking lot security guide:

  • Common security threats

  • How it works

  • Parking control systems technology

  • Use cases Design and layout considerations

  • Integrating your access control with parking security

Common security threats for parking lots

Parking lots and garages are frequently targets for crime and security incidents, particularly after hours. Your parking lot may be subject to these frequent hazards if proper protection is not in place. Including a parking lot access control system in your physical barriers is an excellent approach to deter criminal behavior in parking lots and garages. Some of the most prevalent security threats can be avoided by combining a strong physical barrier, such as a gate security system, with entry to the lot needing authorized credentials.

Tailgating (more than one car entering per credential) (more than one car entering per credential)

Damage to the vehicle

Theft of a car or automobile

Vandalism and property destruction

Assault and violence

Parking lot entry and exit control systems, when used as part of a comprehensive physical security strategy, can maintain facilities safer and more secure.

How do parking access control systems work?

Parking control systems prohibit illegal people or vehicles from entering a parking lot. The parking lot access control system may have varying features and capabilities depending on the type of facility or space. However, the majority of them include two primary components: a parking gate and an access control reader. Parking lot gate control systems transfer data through a control panel to authorize a credential when it is presented to a reader. The control panel then connects with the parking gate security system, which causes the gate to unlock and open.

There are several kinds of vehicle access control gates to choose from. To prevent persons from strolling around or under the gate in open parking lots, a more robust gate security system and barrier may be required. This parking lot system is more commonly found in high-security establishments and commercial offices. For parking access control, several garage access control systems include a rolling or vertical gate. This type of garage security system gate is particularly prevalent in multi-family residential structures that feature a resident-controlled parking garage. However, for a big public garage or parking lot, parking lot entrance and exit control systems paired with a straight or folding parking gate arm are more likely.These are less substantial, but open and close faster to keep traffic flowing through the garage security system.

Parking control systems and gates can be installed at many locations including:

  • Employee/tenant parking
  • Transient/public parking
  • Intercom: Call for assistance
  • Airport & off-airport
  • City & Government
  • Hospital & Healthcare
  • Hotel & Resort
  • Marina & Campground
  • Office & Commercial
  • Shopping & Retail
  • Theme Park & Destination
  • University & Education

Find the right parking lot entry and exit access control system in Nairobi Kenya. Learn how mobile access control can enhance your parking garage or lot security



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