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How to Install Outdoor Wall Lighting and Light Fixtures for Beauty and Function in Nairobi

Understanding where and how to install outdoor wall lighting can have a significant impact on the look, security, and value of your property. Modernizing your outdoor lighting will improve your outdoor living areas and boost your home’s curb appeal. To discover and install the ideal lighting for each of your outdoor settings, contact Moffam Electricals now.

n this article, we’ll tell you about several different types of outdoor wall lighting and give a brief explanation of how to install it:

Types of Outdoor Wall Lighting

Sconces are light fixtures that are mounted on walls. Sconces give the exterior of your home dependable illumination, aesthetic appeal, and ambiance.

If you’re adding outdoor lighting to your house, one decision to make is whether to use sconces that are powered by electricity, solar energy, or batteries.

are managed by a light switch and plugged into your home’s electrical system. To create a lovely ambiance in your garden, select electric lighting for dependable, permanent outdoor lighting.

are affordable, easy to install, and environmentally friendly! You don’t need to make holes or run wires through the walls—just hang them where you want them. The majority of models employ light sensors to switch on the lights automatically at dusk, which is a convenient feature for hands-free ambient lighting on your deck.

are the alternative whenever you require outdoor lighting but don’t want to dig holes in your siding or depend exclusively on solar panels to charge your batteries each day.

Types of Outdoor Wall Lighting

It can be challenging to select the ideal sconce style for your outdoor area. The outdoor wall fixtures you choose will make a huge difference in the appearance of your outdoor spaces. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from. Think about the materials and colors used for your home’s façade, your landscaping, and your sense of fashion.

Typical designs for outdoor wall sconces include

allow you to shine light vertically or sideways, illuminating the surrounding area while enhancing the space’s drama and aesthetic appeal.

come in a huge variety of designs and finishes, giving them a timeless but versatile option that may complement any architectural style. These lights should be put cautiously because they can protrude from the wall quite a bit and present a head-bump hazard if placed in the incorrect location.

are a distinctive, eye-catching sconce design that is becoming more popular. Torch sconces are a great option if you want your external lights to act as conversation pieces. They are meant to imitate old-fashioned torches you could see in a castle. To achieve the complete torch effect, pair with flickering lights.

are appealing, timeless, and fashionable. However, pendants must also be set carefully to avoid running into them, exactly like hanging lanterns.

How to Install Electric Outdoor Wall Sconce Lighting

Duration: 1 to 3 hours (depending on whether or not it is a fresh installation or replacement)

Gloves, wire cutters, junction boxes, screwdrivers, and power drills are required materials.

It’s time for installation once you’ve decided on the light fixtures you like and the ideal position for them. We will concentrate on how to install outdoor wall lights that will be plugged into your home’s electrical system because solar and battery-powered lighting require relatively little setup.

Where there is no existing wiring, installing sconces is always a work for a professional electrician. New outdoor wall sconce lighting fixtures can have wiring installed in a few different methods by an electrician. The technique will be determined by the wiring already in place to which the new light will be connected. For instance, an electrician might connect wires and construct a new junction box to add a light fixture in the middle of a circuit. The new light may be pigtailed into the current light fixture box if there is already a light nearby.

If you’re replacing outdated outdoor wall sconces, installation should be lot easier. Simply unplug the old light fixture, shut off the circuit breaker that powers it, and repeat the process to install the new one. Making sure the gasket is flush with the siding to stop water from leaking into the area where the wires reside is a challenging aspect of installing outside lighting. If in doubt, contact your neighborhood electrician.

The landscape lighting installation experts at Moffam Electricals can assist you with choosing the ideal lighting fixtures for your outside area. We would be delighted to offer you competent installation and assistance in choosing the ideal wall sconces! Call us right today at (+254) 790384109 to make an appointment or to ask any questions.

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