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Professional Intruder and Burglar Alarm Systems Installation in Kenya

Installation of burglar and intruder alarm systems in Kenya protects property from invasion. Over the years, Moffam Electricals in Kenya has established a reputation as the top provider and installer of various types of security alarm systems for homes, houses, offices, and commercial buildings. Intruder alarms from Moffam Electricals are both conventional and GSM.Installation of burglar and intruder alarm systems in Kenya protects property from invasion.

Over the years, Moffam Electricals in Kenya has established a reputation as the top provider and installer of various types of security alarm systems for homes, houses, offices, and commercial buildings. Intruder alarms from Solutions Unlimited are both conventional and GSM.

Security Alarm and Cameras System installation in Kenya

We all know the feeling, that nagging concern in the back of our minds… What if there’s a fire? What if someone breaks in? Moffam Electricals has a solution for your home and office security. We will help stop the worrying by performing a Security Alarm-Cameras Installation in your home, office, warehouse or business in Kenya.

Our burglar alarm systems take advantage of the latest technology. So you can monitor your system remotely from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. Besides that, we have a range of notifications that can be activated in order to offer you peace of mind and receive them anywhere besides Nairobi areas as long you have an active internet connection. Notifications like business opening and closing times for specific users, doors left open, arming reminders, temperature notifications, among others.

Intruder and Burglar Alarm Systems Installation in Kenya

Top Notch Home Alarm Systems in Kenya

At Moffam Electricals, all our home alarm systems utilize the latest technology to keep you safe. We implement motion and shock sensors to determine if your property has been breached, and we have a responsive team to fix any issues that occur with your new system. When you choose us for burglar or intruder alarm installation, you’re getting 24/7 coverage at your home in Kenya. When your family is safe and sound, you’ll be able to go about the rest of your day or night with relative ease.

Intruder Alarm Installation for Commercial and Residential Properties in Kenya

The intruder scenario is many home or business owners’ worst nightmare. Fortunately, you’re not helpless in the matter, especially if you opt for a modern intruder alarm installation. A high functioning alarm will catch anyone who is trying to sneak onto your property, helping you see them before they see you. Our alarm systems are among the best on the market, so you can always rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure.


Moffam Electricals is one of the most respected and fastest growing companies in the security systems and surveillance camera industry. Based in Nairobi we are an experienced security systems business, capable of creating a more secure environment at your Kenyan, CO home or business.

Founded in 2010 on the simple principle that everyone deserves to feel safe and protected, we have been utilizing the best technology in the industry to help make Kenyan, CO commercial and residential spaces safer. For more information reach out to our team, we have the experience and resources to design and install the perfect security solution for you!

Intruder and Burglar Alarm Systems for homes and business in Kenya

Burglar alarms have become standard equipment in stores and other businesses, and they’re becoming increasingly common in private homes as well. special alarms are dual systems that detect both fire and intrusion. When combined with CCTV systems, intrusion alarms automatically record the activities of intruders and may even interface with access control systems for electrically locked doors.

Intruder Alarm System is also called Burglar Alarm is a very important tool in Security Systems. In case of intrusion or burglary, the siren will make a very loud sound which can scare the intruder, at the same time the control panel can dial the police control room to send the alarm signal with the site information so that the police can reach the site to take appropriate action. Intruder Alarm System is designed using Control Panel, Sensors, Siren or Sounder and autodialer. The Control Panel is the heart of the system which receives signals from all the sensors. Different types of sensors are used for different locations. for doors and windows door contacts or magnetic contacts are used. When the door is opened or closed the signal is sent to the control panel.

For glass doors and windows glass break detectors are used. This sensor sends the signal to the control panel when the glass is broken. If there is movement in the protected site Motion Detectors are used. There are two types of motion detectors available. Passive Infra-Red (PIR) or dual tech where the sensing is through both IR and Microwave rays. In case of panic situation panic buttons or kick, bars can be used to send a panic alarm to the monitoring station. For safe boxes or safe rooms, vibration sensors can be installed which detects any vibration caused by explosives or tamper. The site to be protected can be installed with these sensors along with a control panel and a siren. Sirens make very loud sound with strobe light which flashes at the time of alarm.

Gabriel Oluoch
Gabriel Oluoch
They are the best electrical company in Kenya.They did an amazing work from start to finish from electrical pipe layout, electrical wiring and switch, sockets installation and security system installation. We collaborated well with them and the best of all they are affordable and professional.They are indeed the best electrical contractor in Kenya. Kudos
Mahaf Ali
Mahaf Ali
Was fast, efficient and very polite
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damon adul
Justin, thank you for accommodating our emergency job. You are professional and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to future business opportunities with you. Kind regards, Team@Havila
Jones Bageni
Jones Bageni
I recommend moffam electricals as best security system installers in Kenya. They did a great job,they did CCTV cameras installation and electric fence installation for us and we were proud with their services.
Kimani James
Kimani James
Well and responsible electrician than I would recommend to anybody anytime...Such an experienced and professional company team. For cctv and security systems I am happy for your services
Kiniti Patrick
Kiniti Patrick
Excellent service, knowledgeable electricians and very responsive. Open 24HRS.
danson nyagah
danson nyagah
I got the Best fridge repair services from this guys, their technicians are honest knows what they do and the best of all is they are always on time
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Hudson Njama
Best electrician in in response and pocket friendly.
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