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How to choose the best electric fence energizer in Kenya ?

It can be challenging to decide which electric fence energizer to use.  The heart of your electric fence system is called the fence energizer. You must make the correct Energizer choice in order to successfully enclose or exclude animals and intruders. You can use this guideline to choose the best electric fence energizer for your need.

1.Power source

You must decide what kind of power source you’ll use. Energizers can be powered by a battery, solar panel, or even a 110v outlet (a typical electrical plug-in outlet). Utilizing a 110v outlet is the best choice because it provides steady power and eliminates the need to worry about charging or replacing the battery as it degrades.

Additionally, as compared to a similar size battery/solar model, 110v Energizers cost less to buy. However, a battery- or solar-powered energizer may be the only alternative and best solution in certain situations, such as distant locations. Utilizing a solar energizer has the advantage of keeping the battery charged for you.


On the package, the energizer’s mileage or acreage ratings are also listed. The distance rating is typically calculated based on installing in ideal circumstances. It is always advisable to get an energizer that is bigger (based on distance) than you need to account for growth and to make up for power loss caused by grass and other vegetation touching the fence. As a load on the system, grass and other vegetation will absorb some of the energy required to shock an animal, reducing the force of the shock.


Although there are other ways to install an electric fence charger, they are often put as close to the fence as they can be. Despite the fact that many units are weatherproof, manufacturers frequently advise installing their products indoors to shield them from snow and rain, but this is frequently not feasible. Many chargers include built-in brackets so they may be put on a post if you are unable to install one indoors. To keep them off the ground, they can alternatively be set up on a block. Placing an upside-down pail on top will enough to shield them from snow or rain.

In order for an electric fence to function correctly, it must be grounded. A metal rod must be buried in the ground for grounding, and a wire from the charger must be fastened to the rod. There is a potential that your fence won’t function as effectively as it should in dry locations because extremely dry soil won’t transmit electricity as well as moist soil will.

4.Length of electric fence

Consider the type and overall length of the fence when choosing the energizer size. Therefore, determining an accurate estimate of the entire length of wire strands you intend to electrify can help you choose an electric fence charger with a mileage rating that suits your demands.

Decide which sort of charger to buy after selecting the charger’s size. Your selections will depend on the installation site and the power supply. The optimum option when using 110- or 220-volt AC is a plug-in charger. These chargers do away with the necessity of keeping solar panels and batteries charged. Plug-in chargers are frequently the more dependable and affordable choice because they do not require a battery or sunlight to function. When using AC chargers, a higher joule output is frequently possible for pastures covering a big area.

5.Animal type

What kind of animal are you fencing in or keeping out, and what is the first question you need to clarify? For instance, animals with thick coats, such as sheep and goats, will be slightly protected from the shock of an electric fence by their wool and hair. In these circumstances, a larger energizer than you would typically suggest for cattle or horses is necessary. To assist in choice, Energizer manufacturers will list the animals in control on the package.

What to keep in mind on How To Choose The Best Electric Fence Energizer

Fence energizer are widely available on the market and offer a variety of services. When choosing the best fence energizer to effectively and safely restrict your cows, cattle, and other livestock, keep these points in mind.

  • power source options – Depending on whether you want to use a solar fence charger, a battery-operated fence charger, or a plug-in fence charger, there are several power source options that give a number of fence chargers to pick from.
  •  Strength – Impedance technology offers additional options based on the ground and weather conditions of the land. Fence charger strength varies depending on the size of the fenced area and the sort of cattle that will be contained or repelled.
  • Impedance technology –Depending on the circumstances around and beneath the fence, not all fence chargers are created equal or provide the same steady electric current.
    When choosing the ideal fence charger for your purposes with electric fencing, you must take into account a number of important factors.
frequently asked questions
How do I choose an electric fence energizer?

The location of the fence, its length, and the amount of electricity it requires may all play a role in determining the finest electric fence energizer. Battery- or solar-powered solutions work best for remote fences. Higher power outputs are required for severe pests.

What does joules mean in electric fence energizer?

Joules is a measurement of energy. It is calculated using this formula: voltage x amps x time. Essentially, the higher the joules, the more powerful the device.

How many joules should my fence charger have?

For smaller pets, a joule rating of .05 is typically sufficient. For larger pests like deer, .15 is usually enough. For larger pests like bears and hogs, 2 joules or more might be necessary.

Monitored Electric Security Fences installation in KENYA

Our homes and workplaces are filled with non-lethal, monitored, electric security fences, which is a sign of how confident the public is in this type of perimeter security. Simple efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and more D’s of security than any other perimeter system account for monitored electric security fences’ popularity.

  • Demarcation – A fence around your property shows you mean business
  • Deflection – Would-be intruders will be deflected to softer targets
  • Deterrence – The safe powerful Energizer shock is a strong deterrent to intruders
  • Delay – The physical barrier will delay an intruder, something they do not like
  • Detection – The voltage monitor (e.g. from JVA’s energizer’s) warns you of any tampering with the fence
  • Deny – A well-erected electric security fence will deny entry
  • Dependable – 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your electric security fence system is monitored by an alert, sober, electronic watchman

Utilizing specialized equipment designed for perimeter security, electric fences are installed. Wires used in security electric fences contain electric current pulses that deliver a non-lethal shock to dissuade would-be invaders. A siren, strobe, or notifications to a control room or to the owner directly through email or phone may also be triggered by tampering with the fence in addition to an alert that is logged by the security electric fence energiser.

Electric security fences serve as a physical barrier (or a portion of one), a psychological deterrent to possible invaders, and a component of a security alarm system.

Get a quotation from Moffam Electricals for all of your security electric fence installations right away.

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