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We offer a wide range of gate automation system driveway slide and swing entry gates , automated garage doors and gate openers systems.


sliding gate automation

When operating continuously, auto sliding gate operators’ clever microprocessor controllers give incredibly effective energy-saving high speed, high torque, quiet, and non-warming qualities. These gates come in single and double panel options. They are extensively utilized since they don’t need a lot of operational space due to their linear movement. This enables the delivery of top-notch security solutions at competitive prices while also enabling flexible processing of customer-specific requirements. These gates are simple to use and may be installed anywhere. Sliding gates have a number of benefits, including:

  • Little Space Needed: Sliding gates only need a little space in front of and behind them. This is due to the gate retracting to the side of the gate rather than swinging inwards or outwards like a swinging gate would. This indicates that you can place your gate very close to the edge of the road without experiencing any issues.
  • No Damage to Bottom of Gate: Because sliding gates are mounted on wheels, you won’t have to worry about them colliding with the ground or anything else on the bottom and breaking. As a result, there will be fewer situations where damage occurs and repairs are necessary.
  • Steep Slopes: If your driveway is particularly steep, a sliding gate is the ideal answer because it won’t need to move up or down the slope. However, with a swinging gate, it can be a headache to develop a solution that allows the gate to swing open without slamming into the ground.

Swinging Gates Design and Automation Systems

We have the greatest swing gate automation system at MOFFAM ELECTRICALS, which has proven to be very dependable, simple to use, and easy to maintain swing gate model. Your normal swing gate can be automated so that it opens and closes on its own when a button is pressed. Our supply and installation prices are quite reasonable, and we provide outstanding workmanship.
Call us at 0790 384 109 for a free site assessment and quote for automating your swing gate.

automated garage door installation

Your garage door is a functional element of your home, but it’s one that can enhance your curb appeal as well. MOFFAM ELECTRICALS can help with garage door installation so you can update your garage door with ease. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current one, we can help you navigate every step of the process, from selecting your new garage door to completing the installation. We can also help with garage door opener installation, including chain, belt drive and direct garage door openers.

The first step in garage door replacement is picking the appropriate door for your house. Garage doors with windows, double car garage doors, and single car garage doors are all available at MOFFAM ELECTRICALS. If you have any questions regarding what kind of garage door might be best for your house, We are here to help you. Once you’ve decided on the door you want, you may ask us to send a dependable installer to your home to measure the opening and make sure the door will fit.

THINGS TO CONSIDER when installing gate automation system

When considering the automatic gate you want to install, consider these factors:

Why do you want the gate to be automated?

Are you attempting to block cars or a dog from entering? Are you primarily looking to increase your home’s security with this gate, or are you also hoping to add some aesthetic value? To guarantee your pleasure, all of these requirements and expectations must be made explicit before installation.

Where do you plan to post the gate?

Be careful that UL-325 criteria might not correspond to your ideal site. These regulations protect pedestrians from harm (i.e., pinch points where a person can be crushed or trapped). Standard safety and logistical considerations include: Your project manager will be on the lookout for any choke points if the gate is going to be erected near to the house, which is usually the case in a town setting. The gates must be hinged off poles next to the pillars if there are any present pillars where they will be erected. There are particular building standards that must be met if the gate will hinge off new columns.

I-beams and a small baffle, which guards the gate operator units and will stop a person from being potentially crushed by the gate, are installed to further safeguard the gate. Both aesthetics and safety are taken into consideration when deciding where to position the gate in its ultimate location. We adhere to the UL-325 and ASTM F-2200 standards for gate construction and operator installation to the letter. By upholding these criteria, we contribute to ensuring that your operator system is risk-free for pedestrians and vehicles.

What do you want the system to do?

How difficult or simple are your needs? Are you satisfied with remote access, or are you seeking for a barrier that is better protected? Tell your project manager what you expect in terms of access and security. Uncertain of your options? During your meeting for a free estimate, your project manager can help.

What will your gate look like?

Details regarding the gate’s appearance are debated after the location has been chosen. The driveway’s slope, where the gate will be placed, will play a role in the final design. The bottom height of the gate and the way it swings—inward or outward—are both impacted by the slope that runs into and along the property. The purpose of your gate greatly influences how it looks. For example, there shouldn’t be much room between the ground and the bottom of the gate or the pickets if you’re confining in a little dog. It’s crucial to always keep the gate’s purpose in mind when making design decisions because small details like these are simple to overlook.

What is your budget?

If you have a budget in mind, let your project manager know because it can affect the kind of system and product we can install.

Gabriel Oluoch
Gabriel Oluoch
They are the best electrical company in Kenya.They did an amazing work from start to finish from electrical pipe layout, electrical wiring and switch, sockets installation and security system installation. We collaborated well with them and the best of all they are affordable and professional.They are indeed the best electrical contractor in Kenya. Kudos
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Mahaf Ali
Was fast, efficient and very polite
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damon adul
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Jones Bageni
I recommend moffam electricals as best security system installers in Kenya. They did a great job,they did CCTV cameras installation and electric fence installation for us and we were proud with their services.
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Kimani James
Well and responsible electrician than I would recommend to anybody anytime...Such an experienced and professional company team. For cctv and security systems I am happy for your services
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Kiniti Patrick
Excellent service, knowledgeable electricians and very responsive. Open 24HRS.
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danson nyagah
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