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Contact Moffam Electricals for high-quality electric fence installation in  Syokimau and surrounding areas. We provide electric fence installation from scratch, troubleshooting, repair, and upkeep. For skilled customer support and work, give us a call.

Best electric fence installation in syokimau

TIPS to consider while installing an electric fence in Syokimau

If you are considering installing a wall electric fence, there are a few things you should know. First, make sure that the area you are installing the fence in is properly prepared. This means clearing any trees or other obstacles that could get in the way of the fence’s wire, and removing any loose rocks or dirt that could damage the fence. Next, determine the height you want your fence to be. Wall electric fences come in a variety of heights, so make sure to choose the one that is appropriate for the area you are installing it in. Finally, select the type of fence you want to install.


We can say that the typical cost per metre for top wall fencing, which is an electric fence without razor wire, is between 750 and 850. The price per metre is 1050 for an electric fence and Razor wire combination. Cost is listed below. various plot sizes.


Top wall electric fence installation

You’ve found the ideal spot if you’re  seeking for electric fence installation specialist. Our organization has the expertise to construct an electric wall fence that will safeguard your premises.
Electric fence installation is skill that our team of professionals has both in residential and commercial settings. 
We can advise you on the appropriate fence type for your requirements and promptly and effectively install it.

Free standing electric fence installation

free stand electric fence

A free standing electric fence gives you the ability to secure your property while maintaining a tidy and peaceful compound. Our electric security fences secure a perimeter using steel conductors or other types of conductor material. Electricity is one of the most effective deterrents and can be used to stop trespassing or confine animals. To avoid causing long-term injury to anyone, electricity is distributed in pulses. It also has a limiter or a choice of power level.


Low cost of an Electric Fence.

An electric fence uses a lot less material to accomplish the same goal as a traditional fence. This form of fencing typically works out to be less expensive than normal stock fencing, depending on the length of the fence where the cost of the energiser may be spread over.

Low maintenance

Electric fences demand a similar level of maintenance to traditional fences. Any issues will be revealed by daily voltage checks and recurrent inspections of vegetation near the fence lines.

Easy to build

Construction is significantly quicker and simpler when there is less wire strain, especially in challenging terrain. It is appropriate for DIY because no specialized skills are needed. There is no need for an electrician and no specialized knowledge is required. The homeowner is able to build a functional fence as long as a few straightforward guidelines are followed.

Less stock damage

Your electric fence’s electric shock has no physical impact on animals’ skins or coats. When compared to a traditional barbed wire stock fence, which tears the hide to shreds and results in expensive vet expenses, your stock is less at risk if it is forced through the fence by veld fires or dogs.


Since electric fences are not subjected to the same physical strain from animals, their service life can be expected to be significantly increased. Using an electric fencing outrigger can significantly improve the lifespan of old stock fences.


An electric fence is the most efficient technique to separate a paddock for controlled grazing. It is also the quickest and easiest method. When there is high density grazing or on dairy farms, fences are typically shifted every day or even every hour.

Universal application

Electric fencing will contain all species of animals, according to experience gained throughout the world. Elephants, bears, walruses, hippos, and even snails fall under this category. More than any other sort of fence, electric fencing is respected by educated livestock.

Gabriel Oluoch
Gabriel Oluoch
They are the best electrical company in Kenya.They did an amazing work from start to finish from electrical pipe layout, electrical wiring and switch, sockets installation and security system installation. We collaborated well with them and the best of all they are affordable and professional.They are indeed the best electrical contractor in Kenya. Kudos
Mahaf Ali
Mahaf Ali
Was fast, efficient and very polite
damon adul
damon adul
Justin, thank you for accommodating our emergency job. You are professional and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to future business opportunities with you. Kind regards, Team@Havila
Jones Bageni
Jones Bageni
I recommend moffam electricals as best security system installers in Kenya. They did a great job,they did CCTV cameras installation and electric fence installation for us and we were proud with their services.
Kimani James
Kimani James
Well and responsible electrician than I would recommend to anybody anytime...Such an experienced and professional company team. For cctv and security systems I am happy for your services
Kiniti Patrick
Kiniti Patrick
Excellent service, knowledgeable electricians and very responsive. Open 24HRS.
danson nyagah
danson nyagah
I got the Best fridge repair services from this guys, their technicians are honest knows what they do and the best of all is they are always on time
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Hudson Njama
Best electrician in in response and pocket friendly.
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