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How Much Does It cost to Install Security Cameras in Nairobi-Kenya?

It is challenging to find the best Security Cameras installation price in Kenya. While it is true that cost is the first consideration for anyone planning to install a Security Cameras surveillance system, there are a dozen other elements to consider in order to make the best educated selection on the best Security Cameras system.

If you are searching for a Security Cameras installation for your home or company, or if you want to learn more about the options available, this article is for you.We will go over the various CCTV systems available in Kenya, how to determine the cost of CCTV installation in Kenya, and present a realistic price range for the various CCTV systems available. Finally, we will discuss the various things that you must consider before making your final purchase.

Cost Of CCTV Installation In Nairobi Kenya

We will go over the various CCTV systems available in Kenya, how to determine the cost of CCTV installation in Kenya, and present a realistic price range for the various CCTV systems available. Finally, we will discuss the various things that you must consider before making your final purchase.

Consider the following considerations while determining the cost of CCTV installation in Nairobi Kenya:

1. Number of cameras you intend to install

You may require a few to many CCTV cameras depending on the size of your facility; this will be determined primarily by the extent of the areas that you wish to monitor.

You should ask yourself these  questions to get a ballpark estimate of the number of CCTV cameras needed.

Which are the most important areas you want to keep an eye on?

The most significant portions of your home or business are those that contain something valuable to you.

The most important asset in a home is your family and property. Because your first goal is to safeguard your family, you may choose the complex, main gate, and perimeter fence as your first choice.
CCTV installation should cover all parts of the compound that have anything of value that attackers could target.
The key goal here is to be notified as soon as an intruder attempts to enter your home.

As a result, you must ensure that you cover all aspects of your property.

  • Ground-floor doors and windows: Obviously, burglars can most easily enter homes the exact same way that homeowners do: through doors or windows on the ground floor. It’s important to have cameras on all your ground-level doors and windows, both inside and outside.
  • Main stairs or hallway: Any centralized area where burglars would have to pass through to access most of your home should also be surveilled; this is most likely a hallway on the first floor or a stairway leading up.
  • Common areas: You may also want to secure areas that you commonly use, like a living room or kitchen.
  • Driveway: If you have a driveway, it’s important that you monitor it with an outdoor camera, as this is another common place that thieves will sneak through to enter your home.
  • Yard: Secure both your front and back yard with outdoor cameras, as these can be good hiding places for thieves, especially if your landscaping is overgrown.
  • Second Floor: Do you keep jewelry or other valuables upstairs? While we don’t recommend placing cameras in bedrooms or bathrooms for privacy reasons, be sure to secure a main second floor hallway with an indoor camera; it’s a great way to provide more video evidence, if you end up involved in a criminal investigation.
  • Basement: Although it’s less necessary to monitor a basement as opposed to the ground level and outside of your home, if you keep valuables there, it may also be worthwhile to add a security camera.
  • Garages or detached buildings: Especially if your car or other expensive motorized equipment or tools are in there, be sure to have a camera in your garage. If your Wi-Fi zone doesn’t extend there, either get a range extender or use a camera that doesn’t need Wi-Fi
                                                                                   – Which Areas Should I omit or Not Cover?

As useful as security cameras are for monitoring your home, there are also places that you definitely shouldn’t surveill, for legal and privacy reasons both.

  • Neighbor’s property: Depending on your state’s laws, it may or may not be illegal to surveil someone else’s property. Make sure your security cameras are focused on your home and not your neighbors’.
  • Bedrooms: Although you may keep valuables in your bedroom, it’s best to leave security cameras out to maintain your privacy.
  • Bathrooms: The same goes for bathrooms; it’s unlikely a burglar would get much out of your bathroom anyway, so there’s little to no security risk in leaving them unmonitored.

2. Where are the cameras going to be installed?

You must examine the area in which the cameras will be located, whether it is an indoor or outdoor location, as well as the size of the area and the distance between cameras; this will allow you to estimate the length of cable and trunking required. Take into account the accessibility of the location where the cameras will be mounted; some technicians may charge you extra if holes must be made in concrete walls, for example.

You also need to identify a central location “Control Room” where the DVR or NVR and the Monitor will be placed however it’s not necessary to have all of them in the same room.

3. Types of Cameras

This pertains to the sort of cameras you want. For example, you may decide that you want wireless cameras, in which case you will simply need to tap electricity for the cameras and avoid the hassle of CAT6 cables. You must also pick between dome, bullet, and ptz (pan tilt and zoom) cameras. Dome cameras are typically installed indoors, while bullet cameras, which are more durable, are typically positioned outside. Outdoor dome cameras provide a 180-degree view and can cover the viewing angle of two bullet cameras.

4. Camera Installation Location

Indoor installations are less expensive than outside installations. Why? Routing power cabling and, if necessary, wired cable is less complicated when only a few holes in the wall are required, and battery-powered indoor cameras don’t even require that. Also, unless an in-home security camera is positioned in a vaulted ceiling, ascending a stepladder is less dangerous than perching on a rooftop. Outside house monitoring camera installation additionally necessitates sealing and stabilization to ensure that both the camera and the holes produced for wiring can withstand the environment. It is normally advisable to wait until the weather is nice before installing exterior cameras; good weather results in a better installation that is often less expensive.

5. Resolution / Clarity Of The CCTV Camera Lens

The resolution is a determining factor in the cost of CCTV Camera installation. To normal human eyes, this is the image’s clarity or simply how true the image appears in comparison to the original.

The resolution of an image is measured in pixels, which are denoted by the letter “P” (ie 1080P), and represent a count of 1080 pixels per square inch of an image. The more pixels in an image, the clearer it is.

High resolution cameras are more expensive than their lower resolution equivalents. Cameras with resolutions as low as 420P, 720P, 1080P, and the latest versions with 4K clarity are already available in Kenya.

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