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Common Fridge & Freezer Repair Problems in Nairobi

Ever have a problem with your freezer you haven’t been able to fix? You’re not alone – there are many fridge and freezer problems that are very common, and it’s not always obvious how to fix them. Here are some of the most common fridge and freezer issues and how to deal with them.

Imagine having a refrigerator that isn’t working properly for an entire day. Quickly appearing annoyances include spoiled meals, heated beverages, stale fruits, wilted veggies, and others. Refrigerators are still electronic appliances, despite how crucial they are to our daily lives. Therefore, it is likely that you will occasionally experience refrigerator repair issues.

There are some refrigerator issues that are more typical than others, and you can appropriately diagnose and even resolve them on your own. Others will need the assistance of experts in electronics repair. We’ll discuss the most typical refrigerator repair problems in this post, along with solutions.

9 Common Refrigerator Repair Problems in Nairobi

Your fridge is leaking water onto the floor :

In household settings, water leaking is a frequent and dangerous refrigerator repair issue. Anybody could slide on the excess water that has been spilled around the unit and get hurt. There are several causes of water leaks, and the majority of them can be fixed by the average homeowner.

A clog in the refrigerator’s defrosting drain pipe is the most typical cause. Food particles may fall into the defrost drain system inside the freezer and clog it. This obstruction may cause ice to build up and cause water leakage.

To unclog the drains, try entering from the inside and hosing them with hot water. To remove any tough particles, you can also use a pipe cleaner. Before reinstalling the refrigerator hose after cleaning the drain, give it a thorough wash.

An ice-clogged water supply line is another cause of water leaks. To check for any obstructions in the supply line, you must shut off the valve at the bottom of the refrigerator, behind the appliance. If you are unable to locate it, you can also look for outside assistance from a repairman.

Refrigerator not cooling :

Despite having the temperature set correctly, your refrigerator might not always cool properly. In such circumstances, your food and other products will quickly grow rancid, and the refrigerator will have a harder time producing ice. Check your refrigerator’s inside walls to see if there is a cooling issue. Listen to the motor sound to see if they are sufficiently cold. If the motor doesn’t make any sound or makes a weak sound, the compressor might be at fault.

Your refrigerator’s compressor coils could be covered in dust or other debris, which would prevent the appliance from cooling. Turn off the refrigerator’s power before cleaning the coils. To remove the filth, use a cotton cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

Restart your refrigerator now, and if the cooling is working normally after some time; However, if the issue persists, you should immediately contact a maintenance expert to assist you in resolving the situation.

Loud noises :

There are parts of a refrigerator that make noise when they operate. However, if the refrigerator is making strange noises, it’s important to look for issues.

The sounds coming from a refrigerator can be explained by a variety of factors. Check the source of the sound to precisely identify it. If the noise is coming from within, it can be a loose drain pan. With a few bolts, you may quickly fasten it to its original location.

In another instance, a scraping noise can point to a freezer problem. Check the freezer to see if there is an excessive buildup of frost. It’s possible that the freeze timer has to be replaced if there is any.

If the sound is coming from behind the refrigerator, the problem may be with the compressor fans. Turn off the refrigerator before accessing the fans behind the fridge. You can clean them with a cloth to remove any dust particles. If the noise persists, call a technician to get professional help.

Refrigerator freezing instead of cooling :

Now, this could lead to a challenging issue. When you open the refrigerator, your food could occasionally be completely frozen. However, the temperature settings seem to be perfect. Not to worry. It is a common refrigerator repair problem.
A broken thermostat is the main cause of excessive freezing. It is a device that regulates the compressor and evaporator coils to keep the unit’s interior at the proper temperature. The fridge won’t be able to maintain ideal temperatures if the thermostat isn’t working properly.

Rotate the thermostat knob to the lowest setting to see if it is operating properly. Reset it to the highest setting at this point. You ought should hear a click both times. If you don’t, the thermostat is inoperative.

Changing or fixing the thermostat may not be easy to do independently. You may also end up causing more issues. So, it’s best to call a technician for help who can tackle the problem well.

Water dispenser malfunctioning :

Only the most expensive modern refrigerators come with a built-in water dispenser. It makes your refrigerator’s cold drinking water available. However, if water flow is restricted, the water dispenser could occasionally malfunction.

A plugged water tube is a frequent cause of water dispenser malfunction. Blow air into the water tube by gaining access to it through the refrigerator door. The pipe is choked if the air cannot move through. Run some hot water through it to dissolve the ice obstruction.

Ensure that the freezer is at the ideal temperature. The water tube may regularly freeze if the temperature is set too low. A broken water valve in the inlet pipe can be another cause of this refrigerator issue.

A dent in the valve may restrict the water supply. If you can’t figure out the solution, don’t try to do it your way. Call a technician who will detect the exact cause of the problem.

Frost accumulation :

You frequently run into frost buildup problems with refrigerators. Thankfully, you do require outside assistance to find a solution. The ice maker (also known as the freezer) in your refrigerator is where the first accumulation occurs.

It is referred to as a damper door and is lined with material to make it airtight. It secures the freezer door, making sure no humid air may get in through cracks. Damp air will enter the freezer if the damper door’s lining has any dents or stains. Long-term operation of the freezer will cause this air to freeze into ice, which will then cover the entire appliance.

If the freezer door is left open for an extended period of time, a similar scenario might potentially occur. To solve this refrigerator issue, it is best to inspect the damper door’s lining. Make sure the refrigerator doors always close securely. Clean the liner with a cotton cloth if it has any dust on it. If you see any dents or breaks in the material, call a technician to remedy it.

Continuous refrigeration cycle :

To keep the food cool, your refrigerator keeps running cooling cycles. Nevertheless, occasionally it might begin doing too many cooling cycles. This problem increases your monthly rates because it makes noise and uses a lot of electricity.

A accumulation of dust or debris surrounding the condenser coil is the cause of this refrigerator issue. Turn off the refrigerator’s power to see whether it is the source of the problem. Next, get to the condenser coil unit, which is typically located at the back or bottom of the machine.

Frequently, a grill protects the coil unit. In order to access the coil, carefully remove the grill. To completely remove dust and dirt, use a clean cotton cloth or a weak vacuum. Check to see if the refrigeration cycle has resumed after cleaning.

Check your refrigerator’s temperature if the issue continues. If it’s set too low, it can result in repeated cycles. When home-made solutions fail, it’s time to hire a technician.

Refrigerator not Coming On :

The refrigerator refusing to turn on is another frequent repair issue. There could be a number of causes for a refrigerator not to turn on. But a defective capacitor is a typical reason for refrigerator failure.

The thermostat often instructs the ignition capacitor to activate the compressor. Refrigeration cycles in refrigerators are started by this stimulation. A bad capacitor, on the other hand, prevents cooling and occasionally ignite from happening.

A broken thermostat can potentially cause a refrigerator to stop working. The refrigerator’s thermostat starts the process of ignition, which is why there is a fault. To assist with resolving this issue, a fridge expert will probably be required.

Overflowing Ice Maker :

Sometimes the problem is not with the refrigerator. The icemaker might simply be overflowing. Do not worry. One of the most frequent refrigerator repair issues is this one. There could be several causes for it.

However, the main reason for an overflowing ice maker is the water entry valve. Even with the electricity turned off, the water valve won’t close all the way. Because the water pressure is insufficient, there is a partial closure.

The ice machine will overflow and spill water as a result of the aforementioned. To fix this problem, raise the water pressure to a minimum of 20 psi.

Ultimately, check water pressure appropriateness if it is set to 20psi and you still experience ice maker overflow. It may be that your water valve is defective. So you may need to replace it.  

Consider Hiring 24/7 Emergency Refrigerator Repair Services in Nairobi

As previously mentioned, repairs are inevitable, but repair costs don’t have to be overwhelming. With the proper care, you can save money in the long run by spending the extra effort to check on your units routinely.

If you want to avoid untimely refrigerator repair costs, consider working with an appliance repair service, like Moffam Electricas. Our technicians will schedule visits to monitor your equipment, ensure that everything works properly, and inform you of significant concerns.

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