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Professional CCTV Installation Services in Machakos Kenya


MOFFAM ELECTRICALS can help you whether you’re searching for a typical CCTV security system installation in Machakos Kenya   or expecting to profit from IP technology that allows you to view the security of your premises through the internet.

If you have classic analog technology for indoor or outdoor property monitoring but need to install new infrastructure and don’t want to shift to IP yet, we can install an IP-ready cable infrastructure so you can switch to IP by simply replacing the equipment.

Why MOFFAM ELECTRICALS for CCTV installation and CCTV maintenance in Machakos Kenya?

MOFFAM ELECTRICALS provides a comprehensive variety of core surveillance services, including planning, design, maintenance, and installation. We propose practical methods for improving your security surveillance and assisting you in achieving the required results. When it comes to an organization’s surveillance security, selecting the correct security products is critical. In addition, we give a solution with an outstanding assortment of security products capable of addressing your organization’s diverse security needs. Our security product line comprises well-known brand IP cameras, analog cameras, HDCVI cameras, network video recorders, and digital video recorders. We have always welcomed quick advances in technology, which has assisted us in becoming a mature participant in the security business. With our eyes opened to expanded market accessibility and by expanding across the operational procedures to produce a complete solution, we have emerged as the top CCTV installation services in Nairobi and other counties.

Benefits of Installing CCTV Security System in Machakos

The main reason you should consider installing a CCTV system in your home is to deter robbers and criminals from breaking into your home. Criminals are less likely to carry out break-in attempts in a residence with cameras than in a property without cameras.

Install the cameras in areas where the main parts of your property are covered, such as entrances, exits, and other less visible areas. A warning sign stating that your property is under surveillance can deter criminals.CCTV Installation Services in Nairobi Kenya

When you have CCTV placed on your property, you have the peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye on everything. A camera system may give you with piece of mind, whether it is for the security of your business or the safety of your home.

Wireless variants of advanced CCTV systems are available to monitor live footage from your smartphone or tablet. Some systems can also notify you when there is suspicious behaviour.

Having access to home security at your fingertips allows you to keep an eye on your property at all times. With this added sense of security, you may go about your daily activities with confidence, knowing that you and your family are protected.

Did you realize that installing a home security system provides insurance benefits? If a burglary occurs, you might submit a theft or vandalism insurance claim.

When filing an insurance claim, supporting documentation might assist and validate your case. High-definition CCTV footage is an excellent approach to demonstrate the incident to insurance. Furthermore, most insurance companies will give you a 20% discount on your home insurance costs if you have a security system installed.

Validate insurance claims
Online Insurance Claim Service. Life, injury, medical, home, car Insurance

Working parents may wish to check in with their children when they return home from school. If your security system offers remote monitoring, you can easily accomplish this. You can get a live feed of your home on your smartphone or tablet with this, making it easy to check in on the family even when you’re at work.

You may use a video system to not only check in on your children, but also to watch your pets. It can be difficult to leave your pets at home. Paying for a pet sitter can also be costly. When you have a security camera system, you may monitor them from anywhere.

Similarly to submitting your CCTV footage as supporting documentation for your insurance claim validation, your recorded videos can also help the police if a crime occurs on your home. Your security camera records any activities that fall within its scope. As a result, the video evidence is robust.

You will have a better view of the perpetrator’s face if your footage is in high quality. Some new security cameras can record audio as well. With these videos, the police have a good possibility of identifying and apprehending those responsible. They may also be able to return your stolen items.

CCTV systems are a long-term safety investment. Once you have installed a security camera system on your property, you can use them for years with little maintenance costs. You can clean them now and then to make sure they are operating at their best. 

Not everyone who comes to your door is welcome on your land. There are instances when you do not want to open the door for someone, such as a sales representative or a stranger. You don’t have to open the door to see who is behind it if you have a home security system. You can be informed of who is knocking on your door from wherever you are.

Some of our CCTV Clients in Machakos Kenya

We deal with anyone who requires security and property monitoring for their home or business. We install CCTV digital video surveillance systems in homes, businesses, and public places like;

  • Retail Groups
  • Stores of Convenience
  • Medical Services
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Business/Professional Offices
  • Liquor Shops
  • Car Washing Services and Much More

About Machakos Kenya

Machakos County, nicknamed `Macha,` was the first capital city of Kenya and now, it is an administrative county in Kenya. Machakos has eight (8) constituencies including Machakos Town, Mavoko, Masinga, Yatta, Kangundo, Kathiani, Matungulu, and Mwala. Machakos Town is the administrative capital of the county.

Machakos County borders Nairobi and Kiambu counties to the West, Embu to the North, Kitui to the East, Makueni to the South, Kajiado to the South West, and Murang`a and Kirinyaga to the North West. Machakos County stretches from latitudes 0? 45` South to 1? 31` South and longitudes 36° 45` East to 37° 45` East. The county has an altitude of 1000 – 1600 meters above sea level.

The county has been selected as the home to the upcoming Konza Technology City due to its proximity to Nairobi, good infrastructure and availability of massive chunks of land. Machakos County, Nairobi`s Eastern neighbour, is home to important industrial and residential centers like Athi River and Mlolongo. Sadly, the developments do not extend to most parts of the huge county, but that is about to change when a planned technology city development is finalized.

Down the road from the junction town of Makutano ya Chumvi will be what is billed as the continent`s first techie city. Built to the book, it will become the world`s third IT magnet after Silicon Valley in California, USA, and Bangalore in Eastern India. This project will attract talent from all over the world through a range of incentives, and it is planned to have state-of-the-art shopping facilities as well as a university.

MOFFAM ELECTRICALS, the master of delivering immaculate CCTV solutions, provides an end-to-end solution that covers all security aspects, from installation to maintenance. Our cutting-edge technologies allow us to monitor the situation in a much more sophisticated manner, and if you have any questions about security planning or need a site visit, our team of professionals is here to assist you. We bring together strategies that meet your security demands at an early stage. We guarantee the installation of CCTV cameras in Kiambu for any commercial or residential demand. Call us right now for a safe and secure transaction.


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Gabriel Oluoch
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Jones Bageni
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