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Full-Service Boiler Installation And Replacement Services in Kenya

We deliver the timely, efficient, and high-quality solutions you need for Boiler Installation And Replacement Services in Kenya.

Boiler Installation And Replacement Services in Kenya

Many of the neighborhood properties in Nairobi still use radiant heat as their primary heating system. Nairobi is full of lovely, old homes. You require a high-efficiency boiler that provides dependable performance and guaranteed quality because it is essential to the operation of your radiant heating system. Moffam Electricals can provide you with just that. We can assist you in getting the cutting-edge, effective equipment you require to optimize the comfort of your nearby property with our experienced boiler installation services.

Professional Boiler Installation And Replacement Services in Kenya

As a reputable boiler installation business, we only think about putting in the best items on the market. We sell a variety of new and replacement boilers that are created to satisfy the particular requirements of Nairobi inhabitants thanks to our partnerships with top manufacturers. Our installation technicians provide the finest caliber service as well, and our staff works swiftly and effectively to reduce the amount of time your heating system is not in use.

You can rely on your boiler installation service from Moffam Electricals to include the following:

In order to give complete solutions, we have experience installing, repairing, and maintaining all common boiler models.

ABOUT USOur technicians receive extensive training and formal education, enabling them to carry out work to the highest standards.

For your peace of mind, the products we install come with a one- or two-year manufacturer warranty.

Signs You Need Boiler Replacement in Nairobi

One of the most prevalent and well-liked heating devices in Kenya is the boiler. They provide durable, effective, and cozy warmth for a long period of time. We understand how crucial it is to maintain your home’s comfort, which is why it’s crucial to use expert replacement services. For all types of boiler systems, Moffam Electricals offers full boiler replacement.

Our professionals can assist you in determining whether it’s time to replace your boiler, regardless of whether you have a hydronic floor system or hot water radiators. Here are a few warning indicators that may point to a need for replacement.

boiler installation and replacement in Nairobi

It may be time to replace your boiler if it is getting old and starting to need maintenance frequently. If your boiler keeps breaking down, it might not be worth continuing to fix it in some situations.

Your boiler will probably develop a leak at some point because it uses a lot of water. Even while these kinds of problems are fixable, they might be a sign that your boiler system needs to be upgraded.

Your boiler probably requires some maintenance if it starts to produce an odd noise. While some noises may indicate that your boiler only needs to be serviced, others may indicate a more serious issue that necessitates repairs.

If your home is fitted with a meter, keep an eye on the energy readings. It is also worth keeping an eye on your energy bill. An unexpectedly high reading or bill could all point to a boiler acting up. This is because a boiler will use a lot more energy when it’s not working at full capacity, trying to reach its optimum operations. 

If there’s a bad smell coming from your boiler, don’t just light a candle to cover it up. A bad smell needs urgent professional attention as it could be a deadly carbon monoxide lead.


Basic inspections can be done on your own. Among these are turning on gas appliances, looking for a flame, or checking to see whether a fuse has tripped.

For anything more complicated than this, Moffam Electricals advises seeing a specialist. Without the proper knowledge, tinkering with a boiler could prove to be not just costly but also quite dangerous.


Although contemporary boilers are more dependable and effective than ever, this does not mean that they are impervious to malfunctions. Aside from total shutdowns, your boiler may also have other issues that are less evident but still cost you money since they operate less efficiently. Gas leaks, although rare, can be quite harmful since they may cause the discharge of carbon monoxide. Regular maintenance, ideally once a year, will help you avoid these problems. Make sure to schedule this in order to prevent your warranty from expiring because some of them also stipulate that your boiler be serviced once a year. More importantly, if you don’t maintain your boiler serviced and a boiler failure damages your property, your home insurance may be worthless, which means you might lose a lot more money.


Gabriel Oluoch
Gabriel Oluoch
They are the best electrical company in Kenya.They did an amazing work from start to finish from electrical pipe layout, electrical wiring and switch, sockets installation and security system installation. We collaborated well with them and the best of all they are affordable and professional.They are indeed the best electrical contractor in Kenya. Kudos
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Mahaf Ali
Was fast, efficient and very polite
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damon adul
Justin, thank you for accommodating our emergency job. You are professional and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to future business opportunities with you. Kind regards, Team@Havila
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Jones Bageni
I recommend moffam electricals as best security system installers in Kenya. They did a great job,they did CCTV cameras installation and electric fence installation for us and we were proud with their services.
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Kimani James
Well and responsible electrician than I would recommend to anybody anytime...Such an experienced and professional company team. For cctv and security systems I am happy for your services
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Kiniti Patrick
Excellent service, knowledgeable electricians and very responsive. Open 24HRS.
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danson nyagah
I got the Best fridge repair services from this guys, their technicians are honest knows what they do and the best of all is they are always on time
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